High Availability CDN

High Availability CDN

GraphQL Hive allows exposing your Graph via a CDN, which is a great way to improve performance and availability. The CDN is powered by Cloudflare, which is a global CDN provider with a great track record of performance and availability.

Currently you can access the single services, merged schema, supergraph and metadata (e.g. GraphQL Mesh artifacts) via the CDN.

Generating the CDN Key

On the target page of the GraphQL Hive dashboard, click on the "Connect" button. It will open you a modal that shows you the CDN URL and the CDN Key.


The CDN Key is a secret and should not be shared with anyone else. Currently, it is impossible to revoke a CDN key.

GraphQL Hive CDN Key

Loading Artifacts from the CDN

The artifacts are stored on an S3 compatible bucket. In order to load them, you need to send a GET request to the CDN URL with the x-hive-cdn-key header.

Example curl Request for accessing SDL
curl -v -H 'X-Hive-CDN-Key: kAZlQN8U7q8pMsAMVpA0fBeRvvbaKt1h9JniZbi3+5k=' \

> GET /artifacts/v1/c7ce447c-f5e6-4f13-87b8-d3051ba3fc45/sdl
< Found 302
< Header: location https://6d5bc18cd8d13babe7ed321adba3d8ae.r2.cloudflarestorage.com/artifacts/c7ce447c-f5e6-4f13-87b8-d3051ba3fc45/sdl

In case the request was successfull (correct authorization header was provided and the artifact exists). The CDN will respond with status code 302. You can now access the artifact via the provided URL in the location header. The link is valid for 60 seconds.

Available Artifacts

Currently you can access the single services, merged schema SDL, supergraph and metadata (e.g. GraphQL Mesh artifacts) via the CDN.

Merged schema SDL

curl -v -H 'X-Hive-CDN-Key: kAZlQN8U7q8pMsAMVpA0fBeRvvbaKt1h9JniZbi3+5k=' \


curl -v -H 'X-Hive-CDN-Key: kAZlQN8U7q8pMsAMVpA0fBeRvvbaKt1h9JniZbi3+5k=' \


This is only available for Federated targets.
curl -v -H 'X-Hive-CDN-Key: kAZlQN8U7q8pMsAMVpA0fBeRvvbaKt1h9JniZbi3+5k=' \


This is only available for Mesh projects.
curl -v -H 'X-Hive-CDN-Key: kAZlQN8U7q8pMsAMVpA0fBeRvvbaKt1h9JniZbi3+5k=' \