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Checking schema

Once you have published the schema, one of the next steps would be to check your local (or Pull Request) schema against the latest version.

Hive will give you a list of all changes, sorted by criticality level (Breaking, Dangerous, Safe) and fail the check once breaking change is detected.


Using Hive CLI

To check a schema, use hive schema:check command:

# Single GraphQL API
hive schema:check schema.graphql
# or
hive schema:check "src/*.graphql"
# Federation or Stitching
hive schema:check --service reviews schema.graphql
In case of Federation or Stitching it's mandatory to use --service flag.

With Usage enabled

When Operations Monitoring is enabled, Hive is able to mark breaking changes as safe based on data collected by Hive Client.

We call it Conditional Breaking Changes and the general idea is to let you decide when a breaking change is in fact breaking.

Conditional Breaking Changes

GitHub Integration

In case you want to integrate GraphQL Hive with your GitHub repository, follow the GitHub integration guide.

GitHub Schema Check